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Brightmind expands the boundaries of human potential through tailored meditation instruction.

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Guided meditations, customized to your goals. 

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Understand exactly what mindfulness is, and the different ways to practice.

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Designed by world-class meditation teachers. 

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Shinzen Young is an American meditation teacher and neuroscience research consultant.

His systematic approach to categorizing meditation has resulted in collaborations with Harvard Medical School, the University of New Mexico and other prestigious institutions. As a teacher, he’s known for his interactive and algorithmic approach, which helps his students overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities in their meditation practice.

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With 12,000 hours of formal meditation practice and two decades of teaching under her belt, Julianna Raye is a meditation expert.

Julianna founded Unified Mindfulness (Shinzen’s official teacher training program), designed one of the few active treatment randomized controlled studies on mindfulness-in-the-workplace, and coaches executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Julianna received her BA in psychology from Duke University.


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