Best Free Meditation Apps: Brightmind Meditation App Reviews

Are you looking for the best free meditation apps and wondering whether Brightmind might be for you? Have a look at what others are saying in our meditation app reviews and discover the benefits of Brightmind for yourself.

A Deeper Meditation Practice

Brightmind goes beyond the basic content of even the best free meditation apps to give you a conceptual understanding of how meditation works. No matter where you are in your meditation journey, our students find that Brightmind takes you further and deeper than you’ve gone before.

Customized for You

Our customized core curriculum means that you can focus on the instructors and methods that interest and benefit you most. As seen in our meditation app reviews, the instructions of your very first lesson will be tailored based on a variety of choices you make during our onboarding process.

You’ll be given the chance to choose which teacher you want to learn from, if there is a specific goal for why you are meditating (or not), and how quickly you want to progress on your journey. This will allow us to make sure you’re receiving the instruction that is optimal for you and your meditation practice.

Comprehensive Teaching

While most of the best free meditation apps teach you one approach, Brightmind covers meditation practices from multiple viewpoints and traditions. Coupled with Shinzen Young’s background in neuroscience and Julianna Raye’s work in the field of psychology, our students have found that Brightmind teaches the most balanced and comprehensive curriculum available on the market today.

Meditation in Your Everyday Life

With our teaching, not only will you learn about meditation concepts and practices, but you will also apply each lesson right away to your life and your goals. As our students explain in our meditation app reviews, our applied curriculum goes beyond being “just an app” and has helped them to transform their lives!

Try Brightmind for Yourself

If you like the sound of the meditation app reviews on our website, we encourage you to try the app for yourself and discover its many benefits. Whether you are looking to reduce stress or become more productive at work, you will find concise and comprehensive content to suit your goals. While we believe that our app is one of the best free meditation apps on the market, we invite you to try it for free and decide for yourself. Download Brightmind today and begin your journey.