Meet Brightmind’s Meditation Teachers: Shinzen Young and Julianna Raye


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready...The teacher will disappear.” - Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

When you download the Brightmind app, you’ll gain access to some of the top meditation teachers in the world. They’ve spent decades doing intensive meditation training and equal amounts of time teaching and refining their approaches based on what gets their students the best results.


Backed by Science

Shinzen Young and Julianna Raye—Brightmind’s two principle meditation teachers—partner with researchers at top universities focusing on the neurological basis and psychological applications of mindfulness meditation.

Shinzen Young has collaborated with a number of prestigious universities, including:

  • Harvard Medical School

  • Carnegie-Mellon University

  • The University of New Mexico

  • The University of Vermont

Julianna Raye designed one of the few active treatment randomized controlled studies on mindfulness in the workplace. As a meditation teacher, she coaches several high-profile executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.


Pioneering Founders of the Unified Mindfulness Training Program

During his career as a meditation teacher and neuroscience research consultant, Shinzen Young developed a systematic approach to categorizing traditional meditation techniques and mindfulness concepts that's simple, comprehensive, and powerful. In conjunction with Julianna Raye, he founded a mindfulness teacher training program known as Unified Mindfulness (UM). UM is the basis of Brightmind’s approach to teaching meditation, which has been described by app users as “specific” and “comprehensive.”


Download the Brightmind App and Experience Our Unique Approach

When you begin your path to a fulfilling meditation practice with the Brightmind app, you will immediately notice the high-caliber and accessible approach of our meditation teachers. Download the app today for free and begin with our customizable introductory content. Reading about meditation is good, but it is better to experience the benefits directly!