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Brightmind expands the boundaries of human potential through tailored meditation instruction.

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Guided meditations, customized to your goals

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Understand exactly what mindfulness is, and the different ways to practice

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Shinzen Young is an American meditation teacher and neuroscience research consultant.

His systematic approach to categorizing meditation has resulted in collaborations with Harvard Medical School, the University of New Mexico and other prestigious institutions. As a teacher, he’s known for his interactive and algorithmic approach, which helps his students overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities in their meditation practice.


With 12,000 hours of practice and two decades of teaching under her belt, Julianna Raye is a meditation expert.

Julianna founded Unified Mindfulness (Shinzen’s official teacher training program), designed one of the few active treatment randomized controlled studies on mindfulness-in-the-workplace, and coaches executives, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. Julianna received her BA in psychology from Duke University.



“For years, I had trouble sleeping. Now I listen to a meditation before bed and I sleep like a baby!”

- Aliyah

“Brightmind’s instruction is so clear and concise. There’s really nothing else like it.”

- Tista

“I feel like I hit a wall with other meditation apps. Brightmind took my practice to the next level.”

- Kelli

“Brightmind helped me train my attention, leading to more productive and enjoyable days than I ever could have imagined.”

- Nia

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Our guided meditation app offers you the unique opportunity to customize your learning experience and set personal goals that match your life and needs. You can also choose your teachers and the meditation approaches you want to learn, ensuring that your practice is always customized to you. Download the Brightmind app today and begin your journey.


 Learn Beginner to Advanced Meditation with Brightmind’s Free Guided Meditation App

Meditation has five main goals:

  • 1
    Increase fulfillment
  • 2
    Find relief from suffering
  • 3
    Know yourself at all levels
  • 4
    Positive behavior change
  • 5
    Positively contribute to the world

Tackling just one of these goals may seem ambitious, but with a consistent meditation practice, it is completely reasonable to expect progress in all of these areas. What is crucial to your success is that you receive quality instruction and continue to practice regularly throughout your life. Using a guided meditation app like Brightmind will ensure you have the necessary support you need to be successful.

A Better You for a Better World

Sometimes meditation is misconceived as being a selfish pursuit, and people can feel guilty for spending so many hours “working on themselves.” The truth is, we can only be effective helping others once we have reached some degree of peace in ourselves. While there is no reason we can’t begin contributing to the world right away, we must also invest time in self-care along the way. If you spend 100% of your energy helping others without working on yourself, you risk burning out before your work is done.

Brightmind’s free guided meditation app offers a wealth of benefits for your everyday life, including:

  • Experiencing greater happiness

  • Becoming more effective in your everyday life

  • Better decision making

  • Improving your mental functioning

  • Reaching a deeper level of self-understanding

  • Managing pain


Deepen Your Conceptual Understanding of Meditation

As an ancient practice, meditation has existed in every culture and is not tied to any one religion. In the Brightmind guided meditation app, we offer an in-depth curriculum that gives you an understanding of diverse approaches to meditation from around the world.

The lessons are taught by world-class instructors in collaboration with leading neuroscience research consultants.