Meditation Tips for Beginners

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If you feel like finding the space to fit “one more thing” into your daily schedule is an impossible task, you aren’t alone. Staring at the calendar and trying to squeeze it all in can leave you feeling worried and anxious. Finding a “life coach” to help juggle work, family, and a social life just isn’t an option for many of us. That on-the-go feeling often leads to burnout and a feeling of being spread too thin.

You’ve likely heard about using meditation to combat the stress of everyday life. What you might not realize is that adding a meditation routine into your schedule doesn’t have to be as complicated or time intensive as silent retreats or hours of practice. Brightmind now offers an algorithm-based app that acts as a personalized meditation teacher to help you slow down when you need to. These simple meditation tips for beginners may be exactly what you need to re-center and add more focus to your life.

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Beginner Meditation Tip #1: Find the Meditation Technique That Works for You

One common beginner mistake is the assumption that meditation is a one-size-fits-all practice. Beginners would be best advised to approach learning meditation as they would approach learning a new sport. There are a variety of meditation tips and practices to choose from, and not all of them work for everyone. Here are a few examples of introductory techniques for beginners to try:

Sound Meditation: Sound meditation is a great way to enhance your cognitive capacities and connection with the environment. Take a moment right now and pause to listen to the sounds around you. As they come and go, take note of them and wait for another sound to take place.

Affirmations: Cultivating a personal positive word or phrase helps you focus on your goals. Identifying and affirming something positive and repeating it during a meditation practice is a great way to take charge, boost your self-esteem, and validate your purpose. A great meditation tip for beginners is that you’re often distracted by mental chatter, but if you create your own positive mental chatter, which is what you’re doing in this technique, it’s harder to get distracted.

Visualization: Focusing on a mental image is one of the most powerful meditation tools used by beginners and experts alike. This centuries-old practice is a great way to align body and mind, and can sometimes be used to combat chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

To further explore any of these techniques, use Brightmind’s app to access a personalized core curriculum for beginners. Meditation tips and techniques using sound, affirmations, and visualization are all found in the app and the app can help you sample a variety of meditation techniques to see what melds best for your practice. As you explore Brightmind’s meditation tips and practices, choose the one that best fits your life.

Beginner Meditation Tip #2: Schedule Your Practice

Although well intentioned, many attempts to add meditation practices into everyday life fail before they even begin. New habits are difficult to fit into your routine. Like any new addition to your life, meditation is best practiced consistently. Here are some ways you can make meditation fit into your daily schedule:

Put It on Your Calendar: Just like a meeting or school pick-up, meditation only happens if you set aside a block of time to practice every day. To make the most of this meditation tip, pencil your practice in on your daily calendar to help hold yourself accountable.

Practice in the Morning: Meditation can be practiced at any time of day, but one of our most effective meditation tips for beginners is to make time first thing in the morning for your practice. Wake up and begin your meditation right away before other thoughts and distractions begin to clutter your mind.

Prioritize Your Practice: Make a commitment to yourself to prioritize your practice the same way you would any other appointment or meeting. It’s easy to push new habits to the wayside, but the only way to establish and form routines is to be present and show up every day.

A successful practice should lead to the ability to be both alert and relaxed. This state of mind leads to more productivity and less stress. Think of meditation as laying the groundwork for your mind’s energy that day.

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Beginner Meditation Tip #3: Find a Meditation Buddy

One of our best meditation tips is to think about meditation in the same way you would exercise. It’s easy to stick to a new practice or routine if you have some sort of support network in place. How you find that support can vary. Although meditation is a somewhat solitary practice, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to find a buddy, including:

Meditation Apps: Try using an app to track your progress. Brightmind’s personalized curriculum is designed to help you meet your goals and stay motivated. Let an expert be your guide.

Classes: Meet others by signing up for a class nearby to hone your skills and provide meditation tips you haven't heard before. By sharing your passion for meditation with others, it’s easier to stay motivated in your own solitary practice.

Retreats: Although retreats are more of a time commitment, they can be just the boost you need if you’ve already introduced some of the basics into your routine. For beginners, a retreat can help you delve into a new lifestyle change or habit.

Remember, these meditation tips are meant to help you find the support you need to become successful in your practice. Connecting with others on their own meditation journey is a great way to surround yourself with other positive people. Some of the most highly successful people use meditation as a tool to help them focus and be more effective at what they do.

A daily practice using Brightmind’s app helps you develop a growth mindset, learn to be happier, and manage stress more effectively. Ultimately, you are the maker of your own success. Learn to understand yourself at a deeper level through customized meditation practices that fit your lifestyle and needs. Find even more meditation tips for beginners with our expert instructors on Brightmind today.

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